Build story-based VR training scenarios in a simple and effective way with our story writing worksheet, which is based on the three-act structure often used in storytelling for movies, novels, and plays. The worksheet divides the narrative into three distinct acts: setup, confrontation, and resolution.

Each of these acts serves a specific purpose and helps to structure your narrative in an engaging and satisfying way. This keeps your audience interested and invested throughout the whole story. We’ve improved the three-act structure to work with non-linear stories used for training.

Download the worksheet

Click on the link below to download a PDF version of the worksheet:

Warp VR - Story writing worksheet v1.3.pdf

Or use an interactive version in Miro:


Contact us for any questions about the worksheet. We’re happy to help!


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How to use the worksheet

We recommend using the worksheet in a workshop with subject matter experts and a facilitator. The worksheet is divided into three parts, which can be covered in either one or multiple sessions.

Materials you may need for this workshop include: